• If you are pregnant, puerpera or you have recently given birth (up to one year)...


The midwife will inform and support you, your partner and your child. She will offer you all the information for the pregnancy and post partum period and inform you about:

  • the prenatal control and the examination you have to do during your pregnancy
  • subjects for pregnant woman’s health and embryo’s health
  • physical and emotional changes for the pregnant woman and puerperal
  • how the delivery could start and evolve
  • possible interventions (e.g. caesarian section)
  • ways for relief from pain (breathing, positions and movement during the labour,

            epidural anesthesia)

  • the breastfeeding
  • changes in the post partum period
  • newborn child’s care and adaptation



* All services above are supported by Fainareti NGO at both our SEPs:


Patissia SEP


Frourarhio SEP,