Medical doctors

  • Do you have health problems?
  • Do you plan to have preventive medical examinations?


At Patissia SEP, you can address to our medical doctors:


  • Cardiologist
  • Dentist
  • General doctor
  • Gynecologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Pneumonologist
  • Psychiatrist


To receive for free the following services:


  • Primary health care services that do not require hospitalization
  • Electronic prescriptions to uninsured and beneficiaries
  • Preventive dental care
  • Provision of personal health records for students
  • Issuing of medical certificates needed for participation in sports activities (under conditions)
  • Monitoring of chronic diseases
  • Post-Hospitalization care and rehabilitation
  • Gynecological examinations: gynecological ultrasound, free pap-test exam
  • Pre/perinatal health services, pregnancy care
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Spirometry
  • Other specialties upon availability