Specialized services

Specialized services for

refugees / asylum seekers and immigrants


  • Counselling on the rights and obligations regarding the asylum procedures
  • Legal aid in all the stages of the asylum claim (asylum interview preparation before the Asylum Service, appeal/legal memo before the Appeals Committee, fresh claims)
  • Court representation before the Administrative Courts (request of annulment and request for a stay of execution), on the grounds of vulnerability
  • Representation before the police authorities in all stages of deportations, administrative detention or imposition of restraining orders (objections against detention etc.), on the grounds of vulnerability
  • Registration of vulnerable cases: serious health problems, minors, LGBTQI+ etc.
  • Family reunification requests (gathering of material, file-preparation, submission of material to the National Dublin Unit, re-examinations)
  • Residence permit requests (exceptional/humanitarian), submission of supporting documents, rejections
  • Requests for family reunification of recognized refugees with their family members in their countries of origin
  • Participation in empowerment seminars to refugee/immigration population aiming to their social integration


* All services above are supported by SolidarityNow NGO at both our SEPs:


Patissia SEP



Frourarhio SEP