Psychosocial Support & Medical Services - Municipality of Athens

Female, 30 years old, due to particular psychological difficulties, barely left her home during the last 6 months. Initially, she contacted the Patissia SEP in order to ask for help. After case handler’s urge, she visited the appropriate service, where she attended counseling and psychosocial support sessions and met the psychiatrist of the SEP for psychiatric assessment. With the cooperation with the SEP staff, she managed to significantly improve the quality of her everyday life!

Legal Counseling- Solidarity Now

The U.S.M had huge debts to the tax office from the circulation tax of a vehicle. He bought it in 2003, crashed it and unfortunately, because he did not know the procedures, each year he was charged with taxes and surcharges for a damaged vehicle that he had no longer owned. After many years of inconvenience and having addressed private lawyers, without any result, he addressed the Patissia SEP. The legal adviser explained to him in detail all steps under legislation and the U.S.M. managed by himslef, knowing only English, to write off the above debt to the tax office.


Employability Counseling- Praksis

  •  The A.H. from Syria, 28 years old, 6 months unemployed, with knowledge of many foreign languages, found work as an Interpreter.

  • The O.G. 36 years old and mother of a minor child, from Greece, found work after 2 years of unemployment as an employee of an NGO.

  • The N.P. 31, a disabled person from Greece, found work as a telephone operator after 2 months of unemployment.


Care for Children- Network for Children Rights

 M.K, resident of Patissia, spoke to us about her experience at the Center for thE Child at Patisia SEP.

During my visit to a doctor, I was informed of a lot of nice - and unprecedented for the Greek up to now reality - actions that concerns children. In addition to the creative activities for children offered by the Network for Children's Rights, while we are waiting our turn for doctors, like painting workshops are set up to enable our children to despress themselves, discover their talents, and also cover the feeling of self-esteem. And all thanks to personal work and encouragement by the responsible educators who perform a unique job! Then it was organized an exhibition of their works, while, in addition, "even one day per week" it was provided learning classes!

It is of great importance, as you may understand, for people who have to face tremendous difficulties of all the roles they are called upon to perform! It's a tremendous relief ...


Social Entrepreneurship Conseling - ADDMA

A group of artists and actors was supported in the creation of a social co-operative enterprise integrating vulnerable groups, theater and culture to be the main subjects. The experiential experience through art helps in the social reintegration of socially excluded people.

A group of translators and interpreters was supported in the creation of a social cooperative enterprise of collective and productive purpose, providing interpretation and intercultural mediation services and contributing to the social perspective of equivalence among people of different cultural elements.

Psychosocial support - KYADA

Man 62-year-old, supported by ESTI@ social workers and their targeted referrals, managed to find a job in the cleaning sector after two years of unemployment. Today, he is very content!

Perinatal Care- Fainareti

Am. and Ch. received the service for the care of pregnant women during the pregnancy of their first child. They are grateful for the lessons, for the attention and help they received from the midwife and the psychologist. It was a positive experience for themselves and encourage the continued support of other people!


Employment enhancement and social services integration in Athens Municipality.


The ESTI@ project is co-financed by European Commission (EaSI programme)



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