Summer program of the Center for the Child / Patissia SEP

"Center for the Child" welcomes the summer with fairytales, creative activities and screenings of our favorite movies.

JULY 2018

- Tuesday 17/07/2018 & 14:30 -16: 00
"Filanagnosis Workshop"

In this workshop, we will travel to Greece and the islands through Snitselaar's "The Gray Donkey", we will build constructions and we will play motor games.

- Tuesday 31/07/2018 (14:00 - 16:00)
"Film Show" - Robinson Crusoe

We turn the "Center for the Child" into a cinema together with Robinson Crusoe.
A summer and fun adventure for all children.


- Friday 17/08/2018 (14:00 - 16:00)
"Movie Show" - The Little Prince.

In a world that moves fast, a strong and "strange" friendship can overturn everything. Come and meet the little prince and his adventures.

- Tuesday 28/08/2018 & 14:30 -16: 00
"Filanagnosis Workshop - One Last Letter"

In this workshop, we will learn how a letter arrives to us, we will make a historical overview of the old professions, and we will send our own letters to our loved ones.

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